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Updated 8/10/18

Task Force on Ordained Clergy

Pat Terrell

5811 Yarbrough Road,

Longview, TX 75604


Don Nunn

808 Toler Road,

Longview, TX 75604


James Cantey

3501 Elmira Drive,

Longview, TX 75605


William “Rusty” Rustenhaven (2)

501 Indian Springs Road,

Marshall, TX 75672


Fredy Diaz

2425 Holly Hall #B42,

Houston, TX 77054


Linda Trejo Todd

4618 DeLange,

Houston, TX 77092


Jack Holt

747 Slumber Pass,

San Antonio, TX 78260


Permanent Task Force on Ordained Clergy

From the "Standing Rules of Trinity Presbytery"

A. PERMANENT TASK FORCE ON ORDAINED CLERGY: The Permanent Task Force on Ordained Clergy shall consist of four ministers and two elders.                     

This Task Force shall have responsibilities relating to the persons and ministries of the ordained ministers of the presbytery, and it shall make reports to the presbytery. The Task Force on Ordained Clergy had the responsibility to do the following:

  1. Monitor the freedom of the pulpits in the presbytery, so that neither the session nor the members of the congregation shall be allowed to interfere with an ordained minister’s freedom to preach the Gospel, so long as the preaching is done in a responsible manner;

  2. Monitor the ministries of the various pastors in the presbytery, so that, when a problem arises which cannot be resolved within the session, the Task Force, in cooperation and coordination with the Board of Missions, will form a committee consisting of four(4) members, two(2) from the Task Force and two(2) from the Board of Missions (the participants being selected by the chairpersons) to visit the session and/or minister and seek to bring about reconciliation. If reconciliation is not possible, report the matter to the presbytery making such recommendations as the Task Force and Board of Missions deems advisable;

  3. Encourage the ordained ministers of the presbytery to participate in programs of continuing education and, when possible, work with the General Assembly’s Commission on the Ministry and Memphis Theological Seminary to make such programs available;

  4. Report to the Committee on Discipline (Committee on Judicial Concerns any situations that may call for the disciplining of an ordained minister, using the procedures in Section 3.400 “Specific Procedures for Ministers” of the Rules of Discipline of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church;

  5. Publicize and promote seminars for ordained ministers and their families dealing with marital problems, marriage enrichment, and coping with the unique problems of the ministerial family;

  6. Encourage ministers and/or spouses who are having trouble coping to seek professional help; provide information concerning the availability of such help, and when possible, provide financial aid for such services;
  7. Investigate reports coming to it concerning ordained ministers who flagrantly disregard the provisions of the Constitution of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and/or preach and teach doctrines contrary to The Confession of Faith of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church;

  8. Reception of ministers from other denominations: interview and recommend ordained ministers from other denominations who desire to become ministers in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and make recommendations to the presbytery as to whether or not they should be received; and if received, any conditions that should be attached to their reception; all of this according to Section 6.40 “Recognition of Ordination” in the Constitution of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church;

  9. Determine if a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church wishing to unite with this presbytery is of such standing as to be accepted by this presbytery prior to their letter being accepted.

  10. Require annual reports from those ministers who are not serving as pastors in a Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Trinity Presbytery. These reports should be sent to the Stated Clerk by June 1st each year. These reports will be compiled by the Task Force into a formal report to be presented to presbytery at the Fall meeting so that the presbytery may exercise its responsibility to review and approve or disapprove the work of ministers who are not engaged in generally recognized forms of ministry.

  11. Require annual reports from ministers whose ministry is not under the jurisdiction of the presbytery, so that the presbytery may exercise its responsibility to require that all ministers engage in the work of the church unless honorably retired or excused there from by the presbytery; and

  12. The Chair of the Permanent Taskforce on Ordained Clergy should also serve on the Presbytery Insurance Committee.  

From the "Standing Rules of Trinity Presbytery"

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