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Trinity Presbytery

Installation of Minister with a Church

Possible Worksheet Template

Minister’s Name_________________________

Church’s Name __________________________

Commission Members Elders:_______________________________________________________

Ministers: ____________________________________________________

Date ________________________________

Time ________________________________

Prelude Musician(s) ____________________________

Hymn __________________________________

Call to Worship Leader ____________________________________

Invocation ______________________________________

Call to Confession Reader/Leader __________________________________

Prayer of Confession Reader/Leader ______________________________________

Assurance of Pardon Reader/Leader ______________________________________

Hymn _______________________________________

Prayers of the People Reader/Leader ___________________________________

Scripture Lesson ______________________________________

Sermon Preacher _____________________________________

Sermon Title ?? ______________________________________

A Brief Explanation of the Nature of the Pastoral Relationship Speaker ____________________________

Questions to the Minister Reader ________________________________

Questions to the Elders of the Session Reader ______________________________

Questions to the Congregation Reader _________________________________

The Declaration of Installation Reader _________________________________

Optional – Special Music/Anthem _____________________________________

Charge to the Pastor to fulfill the covenant Speaker ________________________

Charge to the Congregation to fulfill the covenant Speaker __________________________

Prayer of Commendation Leader ___________________________________________

Optional – Affirmation of Faith Leader __________________________________

Hymn __________________________________________________________

Benediction (traditionally the newly installed pastor) ____________________________

Postlude ______________________________________________


Listing of the Commission Members and churches

Listing of the Worship Leaders and position (often the musicians or other elders leading)

Optional – A Reception Invitation

(to welcome and give a chance for fellowship with the commission and church)