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Updated 8/10/18

(Ex-officio Member:

Paula Hayes, Stated Clerk)

Term Expires in 2018

*Mark McNeese(1)

3306 Greenlawn Pkwy.,

Austin, TX 78757


Term Expires in 2019

Ruben Albarracin(1)

7411 Magnolia Shadows Lane,

Houston, TX 77095


Term Expires in 2020

Sharon Bowers (1)

201 Wild Buffalo Drive,

Kyle, TX 78640


Task Force on Theological and Social Concerns

G. Committee on Theological and Social Concerns: the Committee shall consist of six members and has the responsibility to do the following:

  1. Serve as a liaison between the General Assembly’s Commission on Theology and Social Concerns and similar committees (or the sessions) in the local congregations of the presbytery;

  2. Serve as an advocate in the presbytery for the Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home;

  3. Endeavor to raise the level of consciousness of the people of the presbytery on pressing social issues by printing and distributing copies of original materials, or appropriate materials produced by others, which deal with current social concerns; and

  4. Sponsor workshops and seminars which deal with its areas of concern, as seems advisable, and publicize and promote such efforts by other agencies of the denomination.

From the "Standing Rules of Trinity Presbytery"

Jenann Leslie

2904 Tower, Marshall, TX 75672


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