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Updated 8/10/18

(** Presbytery Trustee)

(++ Vice-Chair) 

Board of Finance and Trustees

From the "Standing Rules of Trinity Presbytery"

D. Board of Finance: The Board of Finance shall consist of nine members and its duties shall consist of the following: 

  1. Examine the giving records of all congregations in the presbytery, and consult with those churches who are not meeting their responsibilities beyond their local needs, asking them to show cause for their failure to fully participate in outreach opportunities;

  2. Encourage full support of the presbytery’s budget and of Our United Outreach by all congregations of the presbytery and hear requests from sessions that seek relief from assigned shares of presbytery budget;
  3. Invite a representative of each of the presbytery’s board and standing committees requesting funds to attend its annual budget meeting for the purpose of ascertaining the program budget needs of said boards and committee;

  4. Present the budget to presbytery for approval at its September meeting;

  5. Solicit gifts for the presbytery and work with the presbytery’s Planned Giving Coordinator to promote estate planning;

  6. Provide for the auditing of the financial records of the presbytery;

  7. Plan, publicize and implement seminars and workshops on Christian stewardship and use other available means to encourage good stewardship attitudes and practices among the congregations of the presbytery;

  8. Serve as the agency responsible for the maintenance of the presbytery’s physical assets, such as property and equipment;

  9. Nominate three of its members to the presbytery for election as trustees; and

  10. Function as the presbytery’s Committee on Insurance applying the following guidelines: Click
     here for "Guidelines for Health and Disability Insurance"

  11. 11. The Chair of the Board of Finance and Trustees should also serve on the Presbytery Insurance Committee
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