Trinity Presbytery

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Committee on Judicial Concerns

From the Standing Rules of Trinity Presbytery

F. Committee on Judicial Concerns: This committee shall consist of six members and has the responsibility to do the following:

  1. Study all questions coming before the presbytery by appeal, dissent or protest and advise the presbytery on their legal and constitutional aspects;                                                                                                                                           
  2. Make rulings on such judicial questions as are referred to it; and                                                                         
  3. Review annually the session records of the individual congregations and report its findings and recommendations to the presbytery, applying the following guidelines:                                                                   
    1. The chair of the Committee on Judicial Concerns will assign the churches of the presbytery to committee members and each committee member will review the minutes of the churches assigned to him/her.                                                                                                                                                                 
    2. The chair of the committee will correspond (by mail, email or phone) with each committee member to verify that the minutes of each church are being received and reviewed.                                                                                                    
    3. Each committee member will hold the minutes of his/her churches until the next meeting of the committee. At that time, the minutes of the churches of Trinity Presbytery will be submitted to the stated clerk-treasurer to be mailed to the denominational archives at the Historical Foundation in Memphis.                          
    4. The appended form will be used as a check list by committee members.                                                          
    5. The session clerk of each church is asked to send a copy of the minutes of the Session and a financial report to the person checking the minutes of that church within a week of the approval of the minutes. A year-end financial statement and the budget for the ensuing year should be attached to the last minutes of the year.  

Guidelines for Session Records  

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